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Here is your go to place if you need any information for setting up displays and graphics. We will be adding other information on events as available. So check back often.


Banner Stand Assembly (PDF of instructions)

Ag Videos

JD Tech Program Video JD Tech Program Video (69922 KB)

Ag General Recruiting – Influencers Ag General Recruiting – Influencers (70394 KB)

Ag General Recruiting – Mid Career Ag General Recruiting – Mid Career (40848 KB)

Ag General Recruiting – Military Ag General Recruiting – Military (42430 KB)

C&F Videos

CF Tech Program Video CF Tech Program Video (100304 KB)

Dual-Division Videos

Technician Recruiting - Influencers (Dual-Division) Technician Recruiting - Influencers (Dual-Division) (89537 KB)

Technician Recruiting - Mid Career (Dual-Division) Technician Recruiting - Mid Career (Dual-Division) (212881 KB)

Technician Recruiting - Military (Dual-Division) Technician Recruiting - Military (Dual-Division) (92317 KB)

Tech Recruiting - JD Tech Program (Dual-Division) Tech Recruiting - JD Tech Program (Dual-Division) (125389 KB)

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